Is it possible...

Does anyone know how to spawn tamed dinosaurs that any random person can just hop on and ride? I have a amazing Idea for a map but I need to figure out a way to make this work. Or maybe make a tool that instantly tames a dinosaur?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

hey well i found a way to tame them almost instant : enable ‘‘support waking tame’’ and set required tame affinity to 1
not 100% sure if it will work though, can’t test it for you now :slight_smile:

Setting it up so that ownership was working correctly would be quite tricky I imagine. I would suggest going with an instant tame instead, as it will be far less work (lightyears lol). As for a tool that instantly tames the dino, this is do-able too I imagine. I think it would involve giving everyone access to just the admin command for forcetame via blueprinting. I’m really just theorizing though as I haven’t tried any of this myself.

With forcetame you can mount it without a saddle right? is so I think I would have to go with that one :slight_smile:

Correct :slight_smile: