Is it possible with budget 10k make like Gothic ?

Hello guys,
Is it possible with budget 10k eur make like RPG third person Gothic game for PC ?
In game features:
Armor + Weapon sets : 10-15
Magic skills
Maps : 2-3
Dungeons : 2-3
Monster’s: 10-20
NPC with dialog
Play time from 20 to 50hr

It really depends on the game size, people you hiring, tools you use,

On a practical level no, that’s not even one person’s salary for a year

The only posible to make this done is purchasing art assets from online store, and learn the blueprint yourself, and hiring the people for doing those handy task

The problem is that i don’t have time for study un4 that much, i better make some money…

UE4 inst that hard accually, it consider very user friendly

I think its possible but it will reflect quality… also depends where you live… if in PL/SK/CZ/HU then monthly AVG wages are 3-4x(?) lower than in USA…
I think only way is hire 2 ppl (artist + animator) and programmer, pay them cheaper (500 + 500 / month?) and share royalty (50/25/25?)…

tnx guys for your answers, i think i will just at moment use unreal as hobby read,try,learn in free time and maybe after time will try to do something
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