Is it possible to...

Is it possible with modding to either disable the respawn animation/cutscene or only display a still image over the screen until the animation is finished? If so, any general tips or pointers to help a newbie in the right direction with this?

Jesus Christ, I tried downloading the dev kit to see if I could figure it out and you can’t even launch the **** thing from steam. 55 GB download wasn’t enough, those idiots make you get the frickin epic games launcher and download another 96 GB. Idiotic bait and switch how the **** do you guys put up with that BS? Holy **** man that’s frickin terrible. Getting a refund for this terrible game, people have even been complaining about the terrible respawn animation for years and it’s still in the game. ****ing waste of time lmao smh

Also these forums are a nightmare to log in, you have to wait on a blank screen every bloody time you come back to post something. Seriously how the hell do you guys put up with that terrible **** lmao it’s ridiculous.


The DevKit from Steam is useless and dont working anymore for a looong time its not updated anyway. The DevKit is that big because of all the shaders and Stuff, more like just the Game. The first start takes some time to collect shaders and stuff. And its good to have a good PC with min RAM of 16GB.

These DevKit iss used by developers and there having workstations with 2xCPU and GPUs with 24GB V-RAM.

M8 you just have to be patient. After Than: Read the tuts to get in to it.

I’d start by looking in the PlayerPawnTest file to see if there’s a spawn animation in there that can be overridden. Player pawns can be remapped and stacked with other mods, but if there are 2 mods that override the pawns, whichever is first takes priority.