Is it possible to...

I was hoping someone could tell me if it is possible to create an item that would be able to despawn and spawn the same dinosaur. I would want this process to be that you have an empty item that when it is used on a dino despawns it and stores it’s info in the item to be spawned later.


like a pokemon ball?
sure, you have to get the target and then despawn the target … then store that target info “in” the item
then on use, spawn the data thats in the item …

easy? i dont know. Theory sounds doable, but, we find that in practice things change very quickly.
see if there us a youtube video on “UE4 pokeball” or something

There is actually already a mod for this… its called pocket cage

I guess you guys have guessed my intention. It sucks that someone beat me to it but I will probably still attempt to make a mod of my own. At the very least for the experience but as I have little experience with unreal engine 4 and it will take some work arounds to do this without access to the source code it will be an interesting en devour.