Is it possible to write data to a text file using Blueprint?


I’d like to write data to a text file (not the log file) using Blueprint. Is it possible?

I’m also looking for a blueprint solution to save to a txt or csv file. has anyone found a workaround for this yet?

From what I have read on the subject there is not a built-in blueprint solution, but there is an easy to use plug-in created by Rama that does provide the ability to write to text files from blueprints, and a lot of other awesome blueprint nodes that provide much needed tasks. I have posted the link below. It is updated for 4.16 currently.

Thanks ipninichuck
I’ve heard about Ramas custom nodes, I thought it was C based. But thanks for pointing me in the right direction, That sounds like exactly what I need, I’ll have a look tomorrow when I’m back at the office.

My solution

void UBPUtilsLibrary::DumpStringToFile(UObject* WorldContextObject, FString FileName, FString Contents, bool& Success) {
Success = false;
FILE* f;
errno_t e = fopen_s(&f, TCHAR_TO_UTF8(FileName), “w”);
if (e != 0) {
const char
data = TCHAR_TO_UTF8(*Contents);
int sz = strnlen_s(data, 1000);
size_t n = fwrite(data, sz, 1, f);
Success = (n == 1);