Is it possible to use Yeppp! library in UE4 in order to enable working with SIMD instructions?

I have been looking for a way to use Yeppp! C++ library with Unreal Engine 4, in order to easily bring SIMD instructions to my code’s math. However, although the installation of Yeppp!'s SDK for Visual Basic 2015 is usually fairly simple, I am not sure that UE4 can work properly with it specially when compiling final applications.

Therefore, my questions are: 1) is it possible to use Yeppp!'s SDK when working with UE4 trough C++? 2) is it just about installing the SDK into Visual Basic as explained here?

Thanks for your help.

Andrew S.

Project and solution files aren’t what is used to build things in Unreal, it is the unreal build tool that does the heavy lifting, so setting up third party libraries in the standard visual studio way won’t work. Take a look at at this answer hub to get you started and read the UBT documentation.

You may want to think about why you are using Yeppp in the first place depending on the specifics of your application. If you are integrating existing code that uses it than fine, but otherwise you might consider just using the built in math functionality of the engine. Though yeppp may be slightly faster that the UE built-in math, that is no doubt using SIMD under the hood, the relative performance might be overwhelmed by the convenience of using the native unreal math.