Is it possible to use wacom bamboo board?

Is it possible to use wacom bamboo board for level design?

I use a Wacom when I’m sculpting the terrain, but it is not too useful when doing other stuff. It works just like a mouse.

That is what i want to use it for. Do i need any plugins?

Wacom tablets work like a mouse so they work without plugins. The only thing that may not work is pressure sensitivity, but other than that you can sculpt just as you would with a mouse.

the old Bamboo line was now called confusingly Intuos and what was the Intuso line is now Intuso Pro.

For anyone wanting to do 3d sculpting or digital painting it’s now Intuso and above if you are going for a new tablet.

Beside Wacom, Huion and XP-Pen has some quite nice and affordable device with good driver.

I have been working on a XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro Screen Drawing Pad for a year or so… and am perfectly happy. The idea of drawing on the screen is indeed very nice . The pressure sensitivity is better, the parallax issues are much smaller, the red dial and hotkeys is very helpful .