Is it possible to use VS2013 with UE4.12.5

I am using UE4.9 because of limitation with version of VIsual Studio.
I have license to run VS2013, not VS2015.
Is it possible to somehow use VS2013 for the most modern UE4.12.5 which coerce me to use VS2015?
What are the features that were achieved by that upgrade?

Hey, unfortunately not. You need VS2015. You can get Visual Studio 2015 community edition for free. I have both, my VS2013 professional and VS2015 community edition installed at the same time. I am not missing any features of the my 2013 professional edtion either.

What is new?

While this is true, if you do wish to use 2013, you can modify the GenerateProjectFiles.bat file when using a source version of the engine to generate a 2013 solution instead of a 2015 one. The issue here is that the engine will still require the use of the 2015 toolchain, meaning 2015 will still need to be installed.

If you’re asking due to having a VS2013 Professional license and would like to stick with that, it is possible that you would be bound under the 2015 Community/Professional (depending on the one you have) EULA if you are using the 2015 toolchain to build.