Is it possible to use UI in Unreal Engine 4 to create UI like Windows Forms?

Hello. I am a software developer in Korea.

I’m trying to develop a city-level model editing tool like City Engine.

We plan to create a separate user interface for loading and editing models using Unreal Engine 4 as shown above.

Is it possible to create a UI like the window form above with UI features of Unreal Engine 4?

Or is it possible to separately run executables distributed with Unreal Engine 4 from other frameworks such as MFC projects?

As shown in the picture above, Unity can load a project deployed as a web player in other frameworks.
I would like to ask if Unreal Engine 4 has a similar function.

Thanks for your reply


If you find a way or if someone get the goal feel free to share it as I’m in need to such solution.

Kind regards

Look at this product. Perhaps it might interest you.

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