Is it possible to use nanite on moving vehicles?

So I’m making a archviz scene and there’s a scene of Parking lot where we show few vehicles, the problem is most vehicles are 500k+ to 2m+ Poly, static ones are no problem thanks to Nanite (I think so) but I don’t know how to have nanite on animated vehicles

I’m thinking to animate them in 3ds max then use the animation in unreal, I feel like maybe it’s possible if I have a cube animated and then parent whole car except tires to it, then maybe only cube wont be able to use nanite but other objects would be since they’re attached to moving object and not moving themselves

I know parenting in 3ds max but Idk how to do that in Unreal, any hints would be useful, Thank You

Simple answer is no. Nanite is no good for moving, masked, or WPO :wink:

but then how did UE use that robot in their demo of UE5, I think it was also maybe using nanite since they said it also uses a lot of polygons

Which demo?

This one

I’m pretty sure that Nanite doesn’t work with skeletal meshes. But I know that is coming…

Thanks for your answer, Maybe I’ll make a mid poly version of it to animate it

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As far as I can remember, the problem with Nanite and SkeletalMeshes is the Morphing part. They built that robot out of lots of non “stretchable” parts and attached it to the skeleton (sort of like a weapon pick up with Sockets). This way the meshes could stay normal non skeleton meshes and have therefore nanite support.


do you mean if I attach (For ex: in my case vehicle parts) parts to a skeleton which is animated then it’ll support nanite while it’s dynamic ??

As long as you don’t morph them, like @MondRubberduck says…

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noob thing to ask but what’s morphing, is it that slider through which we can change its shape ?

It’s a way of mis-shaping the meshes that make up the object.

ooh now I see, it’s a car so I’m def not going to use that, is there any checkbox that I need to check or it’s disabled by default

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There’s nothing. You’d know if you had implemented it.

True, thanks man, a small thing to ask, is there any tutorial or video on parenting objects for moving with eachother, I searched for parenting and it doesn’t show anything

You can do it as a blueprint. In which case, you use the component hierarchy inside the blueprint to set things up.

Or, you can make a skeletal mesh in Blender and import that into UE, and use animation blueprints to specify it’s movement.

It really depends what you’re expecting from it.

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Thanks a Lot man

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