Is it possible to use multiple textures in one subuv?

Hi everybody!
I have a kinda interesting question.So in my project i would like to create an animation that looks like this(first picture)

Yeah i created a subuv particle from this to solve my problem ,but after that i realized ue4 doesn’t really tolerate pictures that are bigger than 8k pixels so i can’t use long animations but the thing is i want
SO THE QUESTION: Can i import multiple textures in and use them in 1 subuv? so can i change the material texture by time or is there any other possible sollution to import a long animation (and the video import is not good enough in my case so im interested in another way)?
Other explanation: i have thet texture there i would like to import more 3 in and use them in my particle system like 1 big 20 sec subuv.
Thanks for the answer!

Hi Eiachh -

You can achieve what you are trying to do, but the actual control of the frames (playback) is controlled via a timeline in blueprints. Here is the Material setup:

I have also included a test project for you to take a look at, attached below.

Final Results:


Thank You -

Eric Ketchum