Is it possible to use multiple animation file?

Hi, I’m trying to shoot some shots around a object but I’m not sure if I will like them so I updated animation in max and exported with datasmith, I want to use just the animation file so that my assets materials everything stays same by using different cinematic editor slot, Is it possible ?

I tried using the animation file in cinematics shot but it traced objects with different names.

Uncheck “Import Mesh” to only import animations:

I’m sorry but where I can find that option ? Is it for importing fbx format or for datasmith ??

This was fbx, but I would expect it to be in datasmith, too (unless it’s not). I’ve never worked with datasmith so I don’t know too much.

Edit: if this is what your import looks like (from the docs), you can try unchecking “geometry” and “materials & textures”:

This may also help: Customizing the Datasmith Import Process | Unreal Engine Documentation