Is it possible to use Level Streaming in a Dedicated Server?

First, I have 3 servers:

  • A World Server, where player characters interact with each other.
  • A Node.js server to redirect players to Dedicated Server.
  • A Gamespark service to fire up a ‘Skirmish’ Dedicated Server.

And this is my approach:

  1. Players will interact with each other in World Server which is a normal Dedicated Server. (like Mount&Blade)
  2. If any 2 players decided to fight, they will be redirected to a newly-fired Dedicated Server using Node.js and Gamespark.
  3. World Map will be pre-processed and used as the base for a big level streaming map in the newly-fired Dedicated Server, where two players will do a skirmish game in that big map generated, with several AI pawns as their armies.

Any other players who decided to join this skirmish from World Server will then be redirected to this Dedicated Server and spawn with their armies.

My Question: - Is this possible? - If it’s possible, what’s the pros and cons of this approach? (will the dedicated server take too long to fire up?, would it be extremely laggy? etc.)

Hi Paul,

If you’re having any issues with your GameSparks configuration in relation to this head on over to our support page and we’ll assist you there.