Is it possible to use Interface BP between two multiplayer Character?

Player1 Applying Damage

Player2 is sending His name to Player1

Actually I’m trying to use the interface BP between two multiplayer Character.
Suppose, Player1 is applying Damade to Player2, Player2 is getting the Damage and getting the Damage causer Reference. Targeting that Damage Causer reference player2 is sendind something to Player1 with the help of Interface Message.

Hey there, what is the problem you are having? Make sure you’ve hit an actor that can be damaged, then check if the actual damaged causer is from a class that uses the interface and implemented that function.

Its successfully Damaging other actor … but that other actor unable to send its name through Interface Message , but sending the name of the Player who has hosted the game…

Print the value of Damage Causer right before you do the Interface call and see if the damage causer blueprint implements the interface.

Yah, the print node before interface call is successfully printing the name of the damage causer

Ok so show me your overridden Send Name do Damage Causer in the damage causer’s blueprint.


Any Node(Print Node) Executed by that ‘Interface Event’ showing the name of the hosted Player’s Name,even if I try to print my own name instead of that victims name , it still showing the name of the player who has Hosted the game

The Event Send Name to Damage Causer is executing? On the Any Damage print can you add another print that says what is the self Get Display Name? You might be damaging yourself for some reason.

hey, those events are executing from right BPs. The ‘Self Display Name’ of the Victim is executing from the Victim BP.The ‘Damage Causer Name’ from the Victim BP is printing the right name.Even the ‘Self Display Name’ from Damage Causer BP (Event Send Name to Damage Causer) is executing from the right place…

All the Events are executing from the right places ,but that InterfaceBP is unable to show the Victim Name(in text)…its only showing the name of the player who Hosts the game @xlar8or

When i was doing the multiplayer part for my game i noticed that the name of the instance on the client can be different from the one in the other clients, so i believe that is normal. You can see this if you create a text component that prints locally the display name above his head. You’ll see that in Client 1 it might say that you are Character_BP_22 but if you look at the same player from another client it might say Character_BP_35. They are different instances, but as far as replication is concerned, he maps Character_BP_22 to Character_BP_35, so they’re kinda the same instance. Can you confirm that by doing this in your game?

I’m very sorry for being late,actually i’m getting frustrated for this,yes different clients are showing different name of Same Player.

but its fail to show the text(Player Name)…

The name is supposed to be executed locally not with rpcs, just do a Set text with get display name on tick

what would be the right way to display custom name in Multiplayer game.?

What i said, on the Event Tick of the character you do the Set Text with the get display name of the self.

is it ?? is it - YouTube

Yes, as you can see between client 1 and 2 the names are the same, but on client 3 they are not.