Is it possible to use Event Dispatcher to communicate between two class blueprints?

I can get a class blueprint use events within itself and communicate with level Blueprint , but I have not been able to get a class blueprint to communicate with another class blueprint.

Is it possible , or something that you would look at integrating in the future?



The simple answer is No. As you’ve found, Event Dispatcher is for communication between class Blueprints and the Level Blueprint. For Blueprint to Blueprint communications you will want to use the Blueprint Interfaces, and the upcoming (not available in Beta 5) Blueprint Comms.


Hi, what “Blueprint Comms” are you meant? Does it already released in 4.21?

Hi Acrossfy -

This is an archived post from our UE4 Beta process and a lot has changed since this was originally made. If you have a specific question about Blueprint Communications feel free to post it and we will look into it for you.

Thank You, Eric Ketchum

You could make blueprint A send something to the level blueprint, then make the level BP send that info to blueprint B.

That’s probably not recommended and sloppy, but it’s how I managed to communicate between two class blueprints :wink: