Is it possible to use Electra and Native Media Playback at the same time?

I’m trying to get some good media playing mechanics down.

Right now, the native default MediaPlayer can open .mp4 and .mp3 on windows for playback.

But the seeking on .mp4 is awful, unreliably freezes video playback wile properly seeking audio only. Thankfully the electra plugin handles playing back .mp4 and controlling .mp4 via seeking very well. The down side is I loose .mp3 playback.

I was hoping that doing Open Source would use electra and open file would use default but it seems as though once Electra plugin is enabled the Media Player defaults to that, period.

Is there a way to use both? Or since I don’t really need to stream videos and just reliably play the back with good controls, is there a way to fix seeking of the default native media player for .mp4s?

Or any good plugin recommendation on the marketplace that solve this issue?