Is it possible to use dxf/dwg files as plan view base for level design?

I need to redesign certain places (real buildings) using UE4 as I need to integrate interactivity. I have the CAD files in dxf and/or dwg format, 2D plan(Top) view.
Is it possible to use these files as a base for redesigning the walls etc?

Thx for any help

You can export your 2d plan to an image file, import in ue4. Create a bsp brush with the dimension of your floor plan and map the imported image to fit the face of bsp brush. This is what i’ve done.

My floor plan image croped to fit all area.

And in ue4 editor map the imported texture to fit the face of your brush:

I agree with Almusx. I would suggest since UE4 is metric add a 1 and 10 meter line to the image and scale exact. Your final product can be with in mm’s across the entire floor plan. Hit me up if you have more questions.

Thank you for your help. I’ll try it.

Can you tell me the steps of creating this please? I’m a beginner and need to create the context model for my project in the same way