Is it possible to use DLC system to support game modding?

Want make a game supports mod creation, just like Conan Exiles, and ARK, but have no idea how exactly they did it.
Found some topics in forum like mounting .pak files at runtime using c++, but can’t make it work on my own.
All I need is be able to add a pak file to game, and game will recognize it and load it’s contents, and let everyone else be able to mod this game.
Just need a right direction

Well the idea of DLC with in context has morphed into the idea that it’s an opportunity for games developers to sell half a game and then sell the rest of the game as subjective parts via micro transaction. In the end one would land up spending hundreds of dollars for the same game that customers once bought off the shelf for between 40-60 bucks. Worst case is the only way to finish some games is via the purchase of DLC, season passes, or even most vial creating a pay to win product where the haves beat up on the have not’s by having to buy a bigger gun.

From the idea of mod support DLC is an excellent choice of being able to expand the game via 3rd party support and is as old school going back as far as the original Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 days which was the original intention of DLC in the first place. It’s the same old same old but with a different name soooooo.

At the moment modding of the same nature as to how it was once done is not possible in Unreal 4 with out extensive modification to the game actual or the Unreal 4 editing environment to protect the host game from the abuse from a few asshats but is do able as far as making the asset stand alone as implemented with in the the current projects structure at the cost of duplication. The only rule is a package can not cross share asset dependencies be it materials or in some cases animation that can be removed or moved to different locations with out effecting content in other areas as part of the total package. Does break best practice but places all of your art assets into a position of usability once Unreal 4 has better DLC support.