Is it possible to use both UMG and slate UI??

Yes - You should wrap your custom Slate Widgets with the UWidget class, that will enable you to use them in the designer like any other UMG Widget.

HI All

I’m having a doubt in slate and UMG. In my current working project, previously I used UMG for creating mainmenu. Currently I’m working on multiplayer I used some slateWidgets to create some buttons for creating, finding and hosting the sessions. My question is it possible to display both slate buttons and UMG mainmenu on the same level.

Game Programmer

Thank you Nick will try the method and let you know soon

I have the same problem. I didn’t know how to wrap UWidget class. How to do it? With Defining new class that extends UWidget and override the methods?
or with adding UCLASS, UPROPERTIES and other blueprint macros to current class?