Is it possible to use BlueprintImplementableEvent in custom component?

I have added my own custom component to an actor.
In my custom component class i have added this lines:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementableEvent, meta = (FriendlyName = "Used"))
     virtual void UsedInteractionEvent();

and i call this->UsedInteractionEvent(); whenever i want this event to trigger.

I go into my blueprint ,which contains the actor and my custom component, and search for my used event but i can’t find it.
Is it possible to use BlueprintImplementableEvent in custom components and use it locally?
(by locally i mean the event only triggers on that spawned actor, no broadcasting.)

What i am doing is that players can right click on the object and bring down a menu and choose for example Use or Pickup. If a player choose “Use”, i use blueprints to define the “use action” and for that , i need to be able to create an event.

Ok awesome , thanks for the info :slight_smile:

#Coming Soon

Blueprintable custom components (as opposed to actors) are coming the Engine very soon!

They are being worked on right now :slight_smile:


As of 4.8.2, is this working already?
And if so, how?

Any news on this ? I have UE 4.26, and the events show up only for actors, not components.

BlueprintImplementableEvent and BlueprintNativeEvent can be implemented by child classes. Therefore, you can create a child component (blueprint or C++) and implement the event there.

An actor Blueprint containing a component cannot implement this component’s BlueprintImplementableEvent or BlueprintNativeEvent. For this, you need a DYNAMIC_MULTICAST_DELEGATE (see Delegates in UE4, Raw C++, and BP Exposed - UE4: Guidebook).

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