Is it possible to use auto generated lightmap UVs with auto generated LODs?

When I import a static mesh without lightmap UVs and let the engine generate lightmap UVs I’m able to set the ‘Light Map Coordinate Index’ to 1. However, if I add extra LOD levels the Light Map Coordinate Index sets itself back to 0. After that, if I try to set the Light Map Coordinate Index to 1 it either stays at zero or crashes the engine. Is this a bug? Or is it using uv channel 0 for lightmaps with LODs by design?



Just verified that this behavior doesn’t happen in 4.23, but does in 4.24. For the Devs: was this change intentional?


Same problem here. Searching forums for fix. Using 4.24 and have an asset with 2 uv channels. Channel one for texture and channel 2 has custom light map. When I type in a 1 trying to change the light map coordinate index it switches back to 0 every time. Just for a quick fix/troubleshoot I turned on the auto compute light map and it populates new light map uvs in channel 1. However now i get a engine crash after i select light map coordinate index from 0 to 1. Looking for a fix ASAP!

But where is the code to recompile the engine if we wants?

Same problem.