Is it possible to use a socket on a mesh, that is inside a pawn that has a component calling the socket name on AttachActorToActor node? Pics Included

Have I done this wrong, or maybe it is not possible from within component? Currently the FPCharacter just seems to lock to the root of the cabinet and I can see the default gun pointing out.
Here are the screens going from Component, to Pawn, and a mesh within Pawn that has a socket named “HoldPosSocket”:

P.S. I would have added a forum tag for “Sockets”, but it was not an option.

Hey @McPhearson!

I think I see your issue!

The target pin of AttachActorToActor is the actor whose root is getting attached, like a sword or a shirt, and the Parent Actor is the actor getting attached to: ie your player. So what you’re doing with this AAToA is attaching the Player Character to the “Owner Pawn” whatever that may be, which in this case seems to ALSO be the player character. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response. I do want the FirstPersonCharacter to attach to the actor, but at the socket location. That way each interactable the player interacts with it will hold the FPChar in that place until they are done possessing the interactable.

The mesh that has the socket is the one you need to target. You cannot simply reference the Parent Actor. You have to ref the specific component that owns the socket.

e.g. If SM_PCBackBoard has a socket named BB_Socket and I want to attach something to BB_Socket. I have to directly reference the SM_PCBackBoard component as the Target.

Thank you, I couldn’t seem to get the pins to plug in like you were saying, so I decided to try AttachActorToComponent instead. Also, I created a static mesh (SM_HoldPosSockets), I added a socket that is named the same as the child interfaceable that the BP_InteractableComponentBase casting will pull when it casts. I then attached this SM as a component onto the scene root of the parent Pawn_Interfaceable. As long as each socket is added and named the same as the child interfaceables in my game I think this will work.

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