Is it possible to upload OBB file on any server and then download that when game is launched


is there any way to change obb file download address to any server address I want?

any help please?

I need to know how to change obb file download address to address of a local server when an android game is launched

No, it is something must be at GooglePlay side, if you’ve time to go through this from Google Android Documentations:

If you don’t, then it is basically says at one part:

The URL that Google Play provides for your expansion files is unique for every download and each one expires shortly after it is given to your application.

And here:


Most of the time, Google Play downloads and saves your expansion files at the same time it downloads the APK to the device.

So basically, all points to the fact that those files is basically uploaded tot he store itself. And you will not find any post showing you a method where you can provide an external URL.

And anyways, this is a great forum post to help you to deal with the OBB stuff:
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