Is it possible to upload fbx at runtime?

I would like to upload an fbx file that is rigged while in game and use it as my current character. is it somehow possible to do that, if yes any tips and how too?

This could be very difficult to do, because the code you need to import fbx files is part of the editor code which you are not able and not allowed to use in your game, you could try to implement this with c++ but you have to write a lot of code on your own, if it is even possible. Take a look at the unreal code to see how they create skelatal meshes but there is no simple solution to this problem and you would have to dig a lot in the code.

You would probably need to integrate AutoDesk’s FBX SDK into your project.

Once you have done that it should be a sinch ;).

Are there any tutorials or guides that could help me accomplish this? Even a documentation would help on integrating the sdk with ue4 or any additional info.

Is there any other way to load 3D Model file in Game while it is running.I am loading 3d model using Runtime Mesh Component but it is slow down my fps.

You can just use this plugin GitHub - GameInstitute/RuntimeMeshLoader: RuntimeMeshLoader for UE4

I just created a AssetManager that loads SkeletalMeshes (and materials) at runtime. I’m doing it for a Character Customization feature, but in my case I have to import all the meshes to unreal before hand - in order to create the .uasset file. If this somehow can help you, let me know.

It’s not a complete tutorial, but I wrote on my blog about linking the shipped version of Autodesk’s FBXSDK for runtime use. You might want to look into FbxImporter.h in UnrealEd engine model for starters (4.21). Ping me if you need any pointers.

Edit: Here is the fixed link.

link is dead.

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@IronBoundManzer Thanks for letting me know. For anybody curious, I’ve republished the article on medium.