Is it possible to Transform the Capsule Component?

Hi, after a lot of searching in vain maybe someone here can tell me if it is possible to rotate/scale the capsule component of an actor? I took the pig from the AnimalVarietyPack and created a few actors. Beneath a “paw-sliding” problem I sometimes get weird Ai moving results. maybe because that pig doesn’t fit in the capsule component, that can’t be modified? Is there a way to match it to the pig? Can’t edit the Arrow Component as well, so just rotating the mesh leads to unwanted world rotation. Here’s a screenshot of my pig:

The capsule here is a Root component, you can change some parameters in the Details, like its half-height and thickness, but I don’t believe you can rotate it. What you can do is, for example, disable its collision and create another Collision Capsule and do whatever you like with it. Or maybe it is possible to replace the root component with something else, I’m not sure though.

Thanks for your fast input. I stretched the capsule to the shape of a sphere, that surrounds that pig, and I deleted my additional collision box. Now the piggies act mainly normal, only sometimes they kick each other in the air over a distance. o.O