Is it possible to transfer UE4 installed on my laptop, over to my computer without re-downloading it?

Is it possible to transfer UE4 installed on my laptop, over to my computer without re-downloading it?
If so, what files do I need to move over, and what folders would they be in? Is it as simple as copying my unreal folder over to my other computer?

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Are you trying to copy the editor files which were downloaded through the Launcher, or the source version which came from GitHub?

Hi MOAVG, I have 2 computers in my office and I tried this yesterday ,I installed the base app and then I copyed UnrealEngine folder and and it didn’t work, it redownloaded everything.

I’m trying to copy over the editor. Is it possible, because if it is, it would save me a whole lot of trouble, as I’m on a limited bandwidth at home.

Hello Moavg,

It is possible but you’ll have to grab all the files, some of which are hidden (here’s a link to show hidden files). These instructions will be for Windows so if you’re on a Mac, let me know and I’ll find the instructions for that.

You’ll need to copy these folders and place them in the exact same places on the new computer and make sure not to rename any of the folder names:

  1. Unreal Engine folder found in the default path of “C:\Program
  2. The Unreal Engine and Unreal
    folders found by default
    in your
  3. The UnrealEngine and
    UnrealEngineLauncher folders found
    in the default path
  4. And finally the Epic folder
    found in the default path

I should point out that it is not recommended to use this method as it is much easier to download the launcher and install everything again. But if you are unable to do so this might be your best alternative.

Hope that helps!

-Max B.

Hi Max B,
Can I use this steps to copy unreal engine 4 from windows to mac?

Hey Bassem-

I am looking into Finding the Mac instructions that Max mentioned previously. Given that this issue is nearly two years old it may take some time to find the exact information. In the mean time you can try running through the steps that Max gave to see if this process works for you.