Is it possible to switch from TopDown to 3rd Person on the same level?

Hello community!

As the title says, is it possible?

I am working on a project and I wanted to know if, is there a “switch” to change from TopDown to 3rd Person at the same level?

Change the GameMode if a certain “Event” occurs

Of course! There’s just no built in way to do it, you kind of have to do it yourself.

Two options:

  1. Load both pawns in the level and make the inactive one not visible. When you want to switch, set the inactive pawn’s transform to be the same as your active one’s transform and switch visibility on the pawns.
  2. Copy the logic from both pawns into one and use booleans or switches, depending on which pawn you want, to switch between said functionality. You’ll also have to save the desired positions for the camera and camera boom for each pawn type.

Option 1 is definitely easier, but option 2 is more efficient, especially as the game becomes more complex and if you add multiplayer. You can add animations between the transitions to make it less jarring.

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Thank you very much for the answers, regarding the video tutorial, the project is based on a topdown, I have everything configured in the Player Controller, I do not have a Character, the Character would use it when changing from TopDown to 3rd Person, in the video only sample to switch between cameras. Mine would be something like: Going from a topdown project to a 3rd person project, I don’t know if I understand

Can option 2 be implemented in a Player Controller?
I don’t have Character, my idea is to use the BP Character when going from TopDown to 3rd Person, if I use a loading screen or something like that

I attach some example screenshots, sorry for the clippings, I cannot exceed 700kb per image

I have 2 Projects in 1 only, TopDown and 3rd Person.

The game will be an RTS, that is, the default Game Mode is TopDown.
Now, when a certain event occurs I would like the game mode to change and become a 3rd Person, and when that Event ends, go back to TopDown

Any clues you can give me?

On the same level clearly, if I build something in TopDown, when I switch to 3rd Person I should see that build, etc.

The UI should change too