Is it possible to store logs in an absolute path?

I know you can control where UE stores its logs using the command line argument -LOG=SomeFile.txt, but this will save it in the relative path Saved/Logs/SomeFile.txt. We’re hosting multiplayer games on an external service that requires us to save any log file to a dynamic absolute path, for example “C:/MyLog.txt”. Ideally, I’d like to tell the engine to store the log there, but I haven’t been able to tell the engine to save the log to an absolute path. Does anyone know how to do this or any other advice?

Looking at the engine source it appears there’s also a -ABSLOG= command line argument which allows you to provide the absolute path, e.g. -ABSLOG=C:/MyLog.txt
If you want to see for yourself, the important files to check out would be “Core/Public/Misc/OutputDevice.h”. “Core/Private/Misc/OutputDevice.cpp”, “Core/Public/HAL/OutputDevices.h”, “Core/Private/HAL/OutputDevices.cpp” and “Core/Private/GenericPlatform/GenericPlatformOutputDevices.cpp”

Thanks, worked like a charm!

Well, worked like a charm when ran with admin rights, but it makes sense that the game can’t just write to any location without elevated rights. :slight_smile: