Is it possible to spawn a projectile inside another model?

Just as the title asks, Can it be done. i have tried this but it never appears, pretty sure it because of collision on the model i am trying to spawn it into. Also i want it staying in that model while it is moving. Is this even possible or should i look at a different approach. Any ideas would be appreciated.

It could be done if the model was hollow and you temporarily disabled collision on the projectile. Why exactly would you need to do this though?

Roulette, ball in the wheel going around till it drops from lack of velocity. I am actually thinking of making my own class and design it to be the ball and do as i need.

I need a ball going around inside this

It’s not really spawning inside the model though, just on top of it. Try enabling complex collision on the Roulette wheel. Furthermore, I recommend that you use a simulated static mesh instead of a projectile.

That is what i was thinking also, make my own and control it like i need. I have the wheel being spun in tick function. i could use that to move the ball per frame. Going to be interesting dropping it off the rim into the moving wheel and getting the right reactions from the ball when it hits the moving wheel.

@ jmancoder Thanks for the couple tips above. I got it working. Collision is great, it works better then i expected, balls kinda weird acting (looks like the fake online play, lol), but with some tweaks here and there it will be rockin shortly.