Is it possible to simulate multiple levels(worlds) at same time?

Hi, currently i am learning unreal and the way to developing games. and i have a question about multi-level simulating.

since my game is tactics game, AI takes the control of character.
and player can move between other maps.
so there is multiple maps at same time and each maps has some buildings, characters which dynamically added or removed while playing game.
but all maps uses same coordinate systems. which start from (0,0) to (x,y).
and while player playing on a map, other maps should be simulated. so that all maps time is same.

so all the buildings, characters on different maps should can move or interact thing at same map at same time. and since AI takes all the control of characters, there should be nav-meshes on each map which basically exist on same position. even while that maps are not being rendered currently.

i think i can do it my self by creating and editing many of engine features but i want to use engine’s feature if unreal engine does support that kind of thing. so that i can use there well coded feature instead of mine.

any information or link to some site would be thankful.
thank you for reading and hope you have a great day :slight_smile:

Doing what you want without engine source changes is not difficult per say, but gives quite a lot of work, that said doable. The server built in feature can be spawned multiple times, each server instance will take care of one different map. So all instances will be simulating the map they loaded. The instance which is not launched as server will start with a different game mode and will use a spectator camera which can travel between those server instances and see what is happening at each one.

No engine change is required - but you still need create a separate system to represent your multi-map world.

Use this as the authoritative source for the game and for simulation, ai, etc…Save this and replicate changes to it.

The players existing loaded map in ue is simply the visual representation of visible part of that world that player is viewing.

thanks to you so much NilsonLima and OptimisticMonkey. i really appreciate it.

i was looking for docs about level streaming and didn’t expected i need to learn about server since it was just a single play.
and since i am really about beginner’s level, the ‘server’ sounds bit overwhelmed to me though.
but i guess it may an opportunity for learning about what i didn’t knows.

by the way if it doesn’t bother, any relative docs or site will be so helpful and thankful.
i will leave specific guide or tips after i have been successfully made multi-map simulating systems though :slight_smile: