Is it possible to show our archviz projects on the web?


I have compiled the flappy chicken example game for HTML5. My question is, has anybody achieved to compile any archviz project into HTML5?

I wasn’t able to do it and I am really looking forward to seeing my projects on the web.

Could anybody comment about this? Is it possible? Are there any restrictions in the WebGL export that make it imposible to achieve it?


With earlier versions of the engine (haven’t tried 4.5), I successfully got my ArchViz to run from my website. There are just a few problems: 1) WebGL is missing a lot of the sexy lighting features, like Bloom and eye adaptation and screen-space reflections and stuff like that. 2) Having gorgeous textures and crisp lightmaps means that your client would have to download potentially hundreds of megabytes of texture maps every time they want to use the project. 3) You need to properly configure every material to work as expected in mobile. I skipped this step and had overly shiny everything. So it’s possible, but you have to address those limitations from the get-go and make decisions about how detailed and fancy you make it.

Theses demos are not 100% archviz demos :o but I think they show quite good what is/will be possible with Web GL soon: