Is it possible to set a skeletal mesh and animation blueprint at random after event begin play


Just having trouble setting my random mesh into somewhere in the rep notify

Sure you can.
Randomly choose a int, use it on a switch , and use an add skeletal mesh.
you have to set up one “add skeletal mesh” , for every skeletal you want to add.

What do I do with the old one if its the root? im getting a crash every time it loads.

You can destroy any component using destroy component , but for not existing component you will need to store theyre references .

Maybe crash because you got some childs under the skeletal?
Try to put the skeletal mesh , under a scene component,
to make him indipendent., and if you need something child of the skeletal, make him child of the scene component.

This should work , but i didnt made tests.

You are correct! I had multiple static meshes under my skeletal mesh, I was afraid that it would break the set master pose component but that that is not true.

You can use the “set animation mode” to determine whether you will use an animation asset or an animation blueprint. After that, you can use a “set animation” or “set animation instance” nodes to select the animation asset or animation blueprint at random, respectively.

What is the proper workflow compared to the images below so the replication does not bug out when it comes to finally setting hidden meshes