Is it possible to sell my assets if I am from Ukraine?

Dear forum’s guys,
I have so questions:

  1. Is it possible to sell me assets if I am from Ukraine?
  2. Which methods of withdrawal money are available for sellers on UE4? Is it possible to get money by Payoneer here? I don’t see any methods in my profile.

Thank you very much.

  1. Yes you can use paypal
  2. also interested in this issue, did you ask in support about payoneer? Can I receive money using an ACH transfer?
  1. I can’t use PayPal - I’m from Ukraine, PayPal does not work with Ukraine.
  2. Wire transfer, for Ukraine wire transfer only is awailable.

Publishers may choose one of two methods for monthly payouts: US dollar wire transfers to bank accounts or electronic fund transfers to PayPal accounts. We do not support Payoneer.