Is it possible to select and move objects using execute console commands?

Let me explain my problem in details.
I have an architecture scene in 3dsmax with a LOT of objects and i’ve wrote a scripts that takes all of my objects in scene (including instance references and transformations) and paste them in UE scene using Exec console commands ( this part of the script where taken from other script that can be found in internet).
It generates something console command for UE like this

Begin Map

Begin Level

Begin Actor Class=StaticMeshActor Name=Floor1_SmallBlock_NW_01 Archetype=StaticMeshActor’/Script/Engine.Default__StaticMeshActor’

		Begin Object Class=StaticMeshComponent Name="StaticMeshComponent0" Archetype=StaticMeshComponent'Default__StaticMeshActor:StaticMeshComponent0'
		End Object
		Begin Object Name="StaticMeshComponent0"
		End Object
	End Actor
		End Level
	Begin Surface
	End Surface
End Map

The next thing that i’m trying to do is to find already created actors in a UE scene and correct their transformations the same as i have in 3dsmax scene using the Exec console commands.
Is it possible? May be there is a different way to pass transforms on already existing objects in UE from 3dsmax?

Thank you a lot for your time and your help!