Is it possible to 'search' a blueprint by nodes/keywords?

Is it possible to ‘search’ a blueprint by nodes/keywords? As blueprints get large it would be handy to be able to quickly fly around the blueprint with node keywords like "input, “boolean” etc. Can this be done?

Do you mean the search button in blueprint? Every time I need to find something, I just hit “Ctrl+F”, and the search window pops up. Or are you looking for something more advanced?

There are quite advanced search for the Blueprint search rather hidden away. See

Your example would be [FONT=Courier New]Nodes(Pins(PinCategory=bool)). I’m surprised there isn’t a way to filter on direction, but maybe adding a [FONT=Courier New]&& Name=“Input” in the Pins subfilter would suffice

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Thank you. Do you have a example to search blueprints for nodes with specific location vector value? I read documentation and tried but I do not get a search done which point out all noes which have (as example) location 3,3,3 assigned. Any idea how this works?

Edit: I think I got it:
**Nodes(name=location && Pins(name=location) && Pins(DefaultValue=0,0,0 )) **

Problem is, that’s not my end goal because it delivered also every node which as a BP input vector plugged in. I just want to search for nodes with locations 0,0,0, but not the one which have a active vector line plugged in so default vector is only backup. Any Idea how to search all nodes with vector 0,0,0 and having no variable plugged in?