Is it possible to scale a player's model?

I want to scale player size up but not sure if there’s a method for it. In general, is there a better way to index available classes and methods than to just filter pages on or browsing the actual source? Also given autocompletion in the LSP isn’t fully fledged out yet

Hey, I don’t think you can scale a player’s size, if you know everything about devices and their use cases, then you can look at the digest Verse files directly.

Before doing so, you can always look at the forum and/or the official documentation.

For your case, you need to look for something related to scale (represented as a vector3 in Verse).

Then you can look at the fort_character method list found in :

Characters<public> := module:
    # Main API implemented by Fortnite characters.
    fort_character<native><public> := interface<unique><epic_internal>(positional, healable, healthful, damageable, shieldable, game_action_instigator, game_action_causer):

Don’t forget to look at the implemented interfaces functions, because you never know.

Then you can look at (InCharacter:fort_character) extended methods, there are only 4 atm, so it’s pretty easy to look at.

Finally, maybe look at (InAgent:agent) extended methods too, just in case :man_shrugging:

Hope it gives you more insight on how you can do your searches, generally, just try to understand the whole mechanism of what does what in Verse/UEFN and what’s possible to make (go to reddit, go to forums, go on discords, look at new maps…)

Thank you for the detailled response. I found GetTransform() in fort_character from positional, which has a Scale property with the @editable attribute - any chance I can set that? It doesn’t seem to like set SomeFortCharacter.GetTransform().Scale = vector3{...} like you’d change them inside the classes they are declared

Hey, yeah I know about that, but structs are immutable, so you can’t do that

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