Is it possible to save a custom brush?

Is it possible to save a custom brush for re-use in other levels instead of converting it to Static Mesh and then Blueprint?

Hey KnightTechDev,

Currently it is not possible to save a BSP for use in other levels or projects, as it is not saved as a .uasset. We are looking at overhauling BSP system in future and it is something that is being considered.

Thanks for your input!

It could use a few improvements yep, but I just noticed that externally I could actually copy and paste into notepad brushes and re-paste them back into other levels after I saved them to text files, not ideal but it works and I’m gonna make some brushes and save them as brush templates to a custom brushes folder.

Holy crap, that copy/paste thing is mind blowing. I agree it’s not best solution, but it’s better than nothing! It’s pretty impressive that unreal is that robust. I’m always blown away when I’m able to pull in a blueprint from another project and it mostly just works.