Is it possible to rotate a character during a Root Motion animation?

As the title says. If i have, let’s say, an attack animation that moves the character forward with rootmotion, is it possible to rotate the character and guide it in the desired direction during the animation, using an input like WASD or the controller thumbstick? Or does rootmotion just disable all input?

Enable ‘Allow Physics Rotation During Root Motion’ on the Character Movement Component.

This will allow you to use ‘Add Movement Input’ (like in the Third Person Template) to rotate your character as the root motion plays.

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Just wanted to chime in here for anyone else having trouble with this.
I created an Anim Notify State that toggles “Allow Physics Rotation During Anim Root Motion”


Dude you just saved me a looot of time figuring out how to rotate while attacking with root motion animations. Thanks :smile: