Is it possible to revert from 4.9.1 to 4.9.0?

Having problems with the latest update and want to revert to the previous increment to see if that solves the issues. Is this possible and if so how? Can’t see a way in the launcher.

Installing 4.9.0 from scratch was not an option. Already tried it.

I use source, so I have backups of the project. The problem is 4.9.1 is incompatible with my project period. I need to go back to 4.9.0 and that doesn’t seem possible.

If you have made a backup of your project then you can simply click on the arrow in the launcher next to “launch” and choose the desired UE4 version. Then choose which project to use, in your case the backup project.

I’m not sure how that works with source, I haven’t used that.

After re-installing 4.9.0 you should “Switch Engine Version…” on your project file. Rebuilding config files for 4.9.0.
There’s no way 4.9.1 is incompatible to 4.9.0 unless something went really bad when you converted to the hotfix release.

You can’t choose 4.9.0 in the launcher, only the latest .x release is available. just like you can’t choose 4.7.0 or 4.7.3 etc, only 4.7.6.

Hi Zeustiak,

Without using GitHub and building from source there is currently no way to revert back to a previous incremental build of the engine. For the Binary releases it will always show the latest HotFix release.

Thank you!