Is it possible to reference the currently playing sequence from an event inside that sequence?

I’m trying to use an event on the event track inside my sequence to pause the sequence next to or on the last frame, (as I have found no other alternatives to pause a sequence on the last frame, ‘keepstate’ has not resolved my issue). I’m trying to achieve this because this will be the very last sequence of my game, where the player can choose to either restart or quit the game, so I don’t want the sequence to stop playing and return to the player’s camera (I’m using a third person template).

So I wondered, if it is possible, how to reference the sequence as it’s playing, without ‘creating level sequence’ inside the event, in order to hook up a pause node to pause the sequence at that frame so it’s all that the player can see.

Any other alternatives to ‘pausing on the last frame’ or changing the players camera will be appreciated. Thanks.

Have you tried the “Pause at End” setting in the Level Sequence actor instance in the level?