Is it possible to reference all meshes in the Blueprint using array somehow?

Ok, so I am making my own menu system for current project, and it is going nice… but I’ve got some doubts about if it is possible to somehow call most of the meshes in the Blueprint without referencing them all out of blueprint itself?

In current example I called line trace, then I do actions depending of which blueprint is hit by trace. If pointer was over Walls, I call RenderCustomDepth to outline the Walls and if user click mouse, Widget would open.
Same goes for the floor.

But I am stucked with how to call 10-20 or even more meshes from the Blueprint reference. I have blueprint with like 20 different furniture objects, and all of them should be outlined at some point.
I didnt find the way of calling them using some kind of loop function, as I don’t know how to easilly make logic mesh group in the blueprint. Can someone help me with this?

Here is the picture for better understanding:
( So problem is how to avoid using all that Blueprint-Floor > Target references . If there is 10 or more it becomes inconvenient)

Any kind of logical direction would be really appreciated!

I think I am on a right path: :sunglasses: