Is it possible to redistribute Unreal Engin pre-built binaries?

I am currently trying to build a custom Ubuntu, and I want to install the Unreal Engine on it.
To make package management easier, I would like to distribute pre-built binaries via Snap. I want to use Snap to distribute pre-built binaries for easier package management, because it is easier to update.

So here’s my question.

Is it safe to distribute binaries built from unmodified source code with Snap?

Also, is it okay to distribute it as already installed on Ubuntu?

If you are familiar with the Unreal Engine license, please let me know.

(I made this sentence in Deepl.)

You have to make the user to accept the license and also make Epic to accept user’s acceptance before he’ll be able to download any part of Unreal Engine, regardless of if it’s binary or not.
Otherwise it’s a copyright infringement and a license violation, which can result in DMCA at best and a lawsuit if Epic would like to kick you for that.

This way of distribution is important to them because they need to bind every user to pay them their 5% royalty.
If there would be a loophole, bad greedy people will gladly steal that royalty and just possibility of this is unacceptable for such epic company.

So you should at least get their written permission.
Or deploy a private snap store where only licensed users are allowed to download snaps.