Is it possible to recover deleted projects?

I accidently deleted my project from the epic games launcher. Is it possible for me to recover it somehow? I right clicked the project and clicked Delete by mistake >.<, I dont want to start over so if u guys got any ways to recover it that could help me out id be most thankful!

If its not on your HDD then its most likely gone forever.

And that is why you should use source control. :slight_smile:

There is software that can recover deleted files. When you “delete” something, it sometimes doesn’t actually delete, but just marks that space as available; although that is not always the case, it is worth a try if it is a lot of work to redo your project. Here is what I have used in the past: Download Recuva | Recover deleted files, free!

I hope this works out for you, good luck!

Dang it that sux:( thnx for your replies though guys, much appriciated. i guess i could also try to restore the computer back to a point that was before i deleted it, perhaps that could work. But might as well just start over and get to learn how to use the tools etc in Unreal Engine better:)

You should ‘git’ with the program. :stuck_out_tongue:

Git is a serious help. Even if you are not to familiar with it, source tree makes it pretty easy to have your project backed up in the cloud in no time.

Don’t try using a system restore point though, this won’t work, that just restores binary & things that affect the system (installed programs, etc…).

When using a recovery software like Backtrack or Recuva, do not try to recover the entire deleted folder, there are just to many files with Unreal and you will get multiple copies. I mean, you can try for the folder first, but if you don’t get the whole thing, it will just be corrupted anyhow.

Focus on finding and recovering certain time consuming assets. Say you worked for a week on a shader, try to recover that file. If you are not familiar with the Unreal file structure, get familiar with it first before attempting this, so you know what you are looking for. Also, do not use the computer that you are going to attempt the recovery on, the more you use it, the more you lose.

Also, backup. There are those who back-up, and those who have yet learned to back-up. You need to be making regular backups of your projects. To reduce size, do not include “Binaries”, “Saved”, or the “Intermediate” folders.

Yes, backing up files is very important, a task for someone reading this is to make a file that backs up your project’s important folders to a given location, could save some time if all someone has to do is open up a batch file. If you make one, maybe go put it in the ‘community content & tools’ forum area.

Put this in a file called “backup.bat” and drop it in your project folder.
xcopy . c:\backup_location /s /e /EXCLUDE:exclude.txt

Put this in a file called “exclude.txt” and drop it in your project folder.

Here is a download:

This just happened to me and recuva fixed it.
Just use it as soon as you delete your project files so your hdd will not have time to overwrite them.

Yeah, I’m thinking of buying another 1TB drive for nothing but backing up my current drives, as a hard drive failure would pretty much kill me.

get rekt skrub. But seriously, that sucks … I have all of my work files on my PC, everything for the marketplace that I am submitting, all of my past work, etc. I’d be screwed if my data went corrupt :expressionless:

Some years ago, had a second good income through webdesign, crypted all my data to protect files.
Worked flawless for years, including backups.
Then after a networkcardchange, (or similar) key was changed, recovery failed.
Work of perhaps five years was lost, including anything pc related/ created.
Backups where crypted too.
Really black four days…

“Cloud” still means “Somebody Else’s Computer”…

There’s a case for both i.e. dual approach. UE4 projects tend to be pretty massive a lot larger than UDK and Unity, but not everyone has that kind of broadband upload access. So backup to local external offline storage is advisable as plan b or c. Also, Cloud data isn’t protected if credentials are exposed (hack / cryptolocker type attack). Plus, a small portion of cloud data has been lost in the last two years and while uptime looks like 99%, if that 1% occurs on the day you need access it’ll sting (sometimes cloud hits CloudFog)… So best to use both if possible, cheap local storage with multiple redundant cheap drives (some held offsite) jointly with Cloud storage…

I had a hard drive die a few weeks ago. Since then i started using bitbucket for all my good projects. The trick is to have a good .gitignore file setup so the uploading is minimal.