Is it possible to record video in the Media player?


We are working on a real-time green screen project and we have run into a problem in our pipeline.

Right now we are able to both in the editor and in run-time get real-time recordings from a real camera into the engine and display it in various ways.

But right now it seems that if we want to store the recording we need to film it with the real camera or do it with an external program (Like OBS), meaning that what we see is only a preview and we have to make some comp work after each shot using the take from the camera or the external program if we want to see the preview again.

Is it possible to record the live feed that goes through the Media player in the engine? It could open up for a lot of new options for us and also save us a lot of post-work just to get a preview. Hopefully someone knows how to do it or knows that there is a plugin that allow you to do it. We have been lucky with answers here before and therefore hope to once again be able to get some help from the community.


It’s been a while since your question, but were you able to do it?
To record the scene, including the live footage, I use the Take Recorder. By choosing a camera to record, it will store anything it sees on the scene, including the media player being projected.

Hope it helps!

We have tried this method by using the take recorder, but We ran into problem when filming what’s on the media player, the clip was extremely lagging, nothing seems to move in the clip.

there is a compositing plugin that puts green screen in the ppv
and you can project onto a plane