Is it possible to record and export a video file in a packaged .exe?

Hi all,

DISCLAIMER This is only a question on is it possible. Nothing to serious at the moment.

I recently got asked by a client if it’s possible to record and export videos in Unreal Engine. From a guess, it would take a **** long time to do and it’s probably not at all possible in blueprints. I did suggest the standard recording with OBS or something which would make so much more sense but just for the sake of asking and them not having to download additional software and learn it, not that it’s hard to use, is this at all possible?

Thanks in advance, look forward to reading your suggestions or theories.

Was also contemplating something to do that. One idea I had was setting it up to take screenshots every frame, and then using a python external script to make a movie out of the screenshots. Anyone tried this option?

I feel as if that doing this would work but taking screenshots freezes the game for a short time so the output would be very stuttery and slow probably so unless the resolution was extremely low it would just ruin performance whilst recording. Personally, I think just using external software is the only way but as you say, you just wonder if it’s possible or not. I could be wrong though.