Is it possible to record an entire gameplay with all the actors to Sequencer?

So we’re trying to record a whole gameplay session using the ShooterGame sample project with all the players/bots moving around and firing at each other. Kind of the like a instant replay system but recorded to the Sequencer so we can edit and add more explosions etc. Is anything like that at all possible? We tried to do it through take and sequence recorder but it’s hard to select and record all the spawnable actors. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You should be able to set a list of actor classes to record under the actors property in the sequence recorder window. These should be added to the recording as they are spawned in at runtime, however I dont believe this will record actors that already exist in the world in the editor.

4.24 also has the Take Recorder which has some additional features that may work for you.

Sequencer is limited in what properties it can record (only those marked with ‘interp’ in C++ or “Expose to Cinematics” in BP) and will not be able to record all information captured during gameplay.