Is it possible to read the image from byte array?

Hello world! In my game I have a map and I want player not to see it wholly but to get it by parts from the server. I think the way to reach this is to store part of the map on the server in unreplicated byte array (that is read from file that is only on the server) and give only by special permission. But the main problem is to read that image from the byte array on the client. Who knows, is it possible in blueprints and how, or it needs some other programming tools like C++?

Bump. The topic is actual.

search marketplace for Blueprint FileSDK, maybe that can help

Thanks for answer. But that plugin is for the file operations, and how to convert the bytes to the image, remains unknown for me…

The topic is actual again.

Take a look at Numbskull Serialization Plugin. Free on the marketplace:

I am trying the same thing, serialising a texture 2D has not proved working atm. May need to plug in a different object for the plugin.

There is a plugin that does it:

Allows you to convert the texture2D to data and then save them to their own binary file that only you can open again with the plugin in realtime.
Has importing image files as texture2D also.