Is it possible to raise funds through crowdfunding for ARK mod development?

I would like to start a crowdfunding campaign for my ARK mod development, just like other ARK mod developers are looking for sponsors and support, but I would like to know if I need permission from Studio Wildcard Team.
I’ve developed a custom ARK modmap using the ARK Devkit and recently released it on STEAM Workshop. →MODMAP “TAENIASTELLA”
I live in Japan, but my personal life is in dire straits, my PC is old and limited, and the mainstream CG software I need for development is too expensive and very hard to come by.
In order to start a crowdfunding project in Japan, I need to make sure that I have permission to post ARK’s name, images, etc. I’ve been looking for useful information, but I can’t find any.
I will continue to develop this modmap as long as I can. If anyone has any information, please reply.
I do not speak English and am using DeepL to translate.