Is it possible to put Shooter Game sample on GitHub?

Hi Epic,

We learn a lot from Shooter Game sample, and we think it’s a good foundation to start our FPS game, but as long as new UE4 release, always come with upgraded or bugs fixed Shooter Game, we need to transmit our changes from the previous Shooter Game to the latest one, that’s make us pretty panic.

So, is it possible to put the Shooter Game on GitHub, then we fork it.

I agree with the OP. Many people are using ShooterGame as a base for their projects, and it becomes complicated to manually have to migrate your modifications to new ShooterGame versions.

If the ShooterGame source was on GitHub, we would have revision history and could systematically merge our modifications with each release of the new ShooterGame code.

I’ve seen some comments from moderators about this to the effect “we don’t intend ShooterGame to be a code base/starting point for projects, but rather an example application to learn from”. I think this is a cop out. Any sensible person is not going to throw away ShooterGame and start from scratch when it’s a sophisticated starting point for a FPS project. Having to integrate new ShooterGame versions your codebase is then a natural follow on from that fact.