Is it possible to put 3D modeling function inside a game?

Hi all, thanks for reading this post.
I’m new to game programming and still deciding which programming language/ programs to study. So my question is same as this post’s title, “Is it possible to put 3D modeling function inside a game?” I know it sounds stupid but since Unreal Engine is using C++ and 3D modeling software like blender was built using C++, I just thought that it might be possible to do just that.
If you don’t mind please tell me these.

  1. Is it possible to put 3D modeling function inside a game (run-time)?

  2. If it is possible, to create this function what are the ways to achieve this? Creating outside Plug-ins and then use it in the games script (script created inside UE), or is it possible through the games script (script created inside UE)?

  3. If it is not possible, is it the only way studying OpenGL and create game from ground up?

Thank you again for reading this post.

Ofcorse, note that editor it self is coded in the engine, so same as editor edits things you game can do that to. You don’t need to make mashes, you can alreayd do things with existing build in shape meshes.

But if you really want to there procedural mesh component, which allows you to decelere mesh as much as you want

You probably want to know how meshes are made in technical way first if you dont knowyet .

There is no tool handling on runtime, all edit tools you will need to make by yourself. You can not use any code from editor on it as it is 1. not available either way by default 2. Not alowed by EULA

wow thank you for answering! Im still confused but your answer was helpful. I guess I will have to study about meshes first. Thanks again!

To be honest, if you have to ask, it’s too early for you to try to attempt it.

Yeah it is really long long way to go. Thank you for answering!